Westwood Manor
Parkview Manor

Benson Housing & Redevelopment Authority (HRA)

Parkview Manor, 300 - 13th Street North
Parkview Manor is a 7 story, 55 unit apartment building located 1 block from the downtown business district. Three of the units have been adapted especially for the handicapped. Exterior patios at the ends of the corridors are available on each floor.

Westwood Manor, 2000 Hall Avenue
Westwood Manor is a 3 story, 39 unit apartment building. Four of the units are adapted especially for the handicapped, two of which have modified bathrooms. The other two have both kitchen and bathrooms modified. Clothes lines and garden plots are available.

Special Features
Healthcare services are available. These services are based in both Parkview and Westwood Manors. Other homemaker, personal care service and nursing services are also available through various social service agencies based in Benson. Prairie 5 bus service is available by calling 1-877-757-4337. Bus pickup is at the front door.

Both buildings have a community room where planned social activities are held. Some of these activities include bingo, cards, catered dinner parties, library, movies, and church services. The community room is also available to residents for private parties. This is also a congregate dining site for noon meals, Monday thru Friday each week. This is an extension of the Senior Nutrition site. Meals are at a reduced cost.

A Residence Council helps to organize activities and works with management about resident needs. A lovely outdoor patio with patio furniture and swings are located at each building near the flower gardens. Sufficient parking and car heater hookups are also available. All apartments are one bedroom.

Both Westwood Manor and Parkview Manor have emergency call systems which will flash a red light outside the apartment and in the caretakers unit and also will sound a loud alarm in the event of a sudden illness or emergency.

O.K. Card System checked every morning by a resident on each floor to assure personal well-being.

Security cameras and a telephone security door system is used in each building to provide an added protection for the residents.

Grounds and buildings are well lighted for the safety of the tenants.

Elevators are used in each building.

Locked, secured mailboxes in each building.

Inexpensive laundry facilities are available and located in the buildings, as is a hair care area for the residents' convenience.

Garbage is disposed of in refuse rooms in each building. Recycling is encouraged.

Admission Requirements
Basic Requirements: 
To be eligible for an apartment a person must meet certain requirements set by the federal government and the PHA. A preference is given to those 62 years of age, handicapped or disabled.

Income Limit:  Income limits apply. These limits are reviewed annually by HUD and adjusted accordingly.

Assets:  There is no asset limit. You could have assets of $200,000 and yet be eligible for an apartment. A percentage of your assets are included as part of your annual imcome.

Rent:  Rent is based on 30% of adjusted family income. These adjustments are made for elderly, handicapped and disabled persons and for their medical expenses. The cost for heat, water, sewer, and gas are included in the monthly rent. Westwood Manor residents are given a utility allowance on their rent for the payment of their electricity. Parkview Manor residents rent includes the charge for electricity.

For more information and a brochure, contact:

Housing & Redevelopment Authority of Benson

300 - 13th Street North, Benson, MN 56215
Phone:  320-842-8481
Fax:  320-843-3018
TDD/Voice:  1-800-627-3529