Benson Fire and Rescue

The Benson Volunteer Fire Department was organized by the Village Council on June 18th, 1881 as a result of the fire of 1880.  The fire was started by a cigar butt which was dropped and rolled though a knothole in the floor of Joe Fountain's saloon.  The smoldering cigar soon burst into uncontrollable flames that resulted in severe losses to 20 concerns, destroying an entire city block.

The department currently consists of 33 volunteer members.  We proudly protect a population of 4,878 people over a fire and rescue service district of 262 square miles.  We also provide mutual aid to and receive mutual aid from our surrounding fire departments.  We meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday nights of the every month for required training and regular business meetings.

The Benson Fire Department operates with funds that are budgeted by the City of Benson. New members are required to complete 130 hours of firefighter training before being placed on active firefighting duty.  They are also required to complete 44 hours of first responder training.  The department averages approximately 2000 man-hours of training annually.