Garbage Cart Program

The City of Benson and Mattheisen Disposal are pleased to introduce our garbage cart program for residents who are currently receiving curbside garbage pick-up.


Cart Sizes Available 35 Gallons

64 Gallons

96 Gallons
Monthly Service Charge $11.00 $14.00 $19.00
Number of Bags Holds about 2-3 kitchen bags Holds about 4-5 kitchen bags Holds about 6-7 kitchen bags


The new carts were provided to residential customers at no cost! The new program provides each resident with a garbage cart with wheels for easy movement and a hinged lid to contain garbage. This new cart provides a clean and convenient way for residents to dispose of their garbage.


Since there are larger garbage cart options, garbage tags are being discontinued. If you have left over tags, please bring them to city hall for a full refund.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get a separate bill for my monthly garbage charge?  As always, your monthly garbage charge will be billed on your utility bill. The new charge, based on the size of cart that you choose will replace the current charge of $11.00 per month on your utility bill.
Are the garbage rules or sorting changing?  No, the separation between compostable and non-processible waste is the same. The use of clear bags is still required. So please, no black garbage bags! Sorting information can be found here.
Will my garbage still be picked up the same day?  Your garbage day will remain the same - south side of town pick-up will be Tuesdays, and north side of town pick-up will be Wednesdays
Will my garbage be picked up in the alley or on my boulevard?  Once you receive your new garbage cart, garbage pickup will remain on the boulevard. Garbage will no longer be picked up in the alleyway. 6:30am pickup is remaining the same.
Will I still have to recycle?  Yes, there are no changes being made to the Recycling Program so continue recycling as you always have.
If you wish to change the size of your current garbage cart, please fill out the information below to submit your request.
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