Swift County Recycling Program

Recycling, waste reduction, composting and household hazardous waste management are important issues in managing garbage. As landfills become increasingly expensive to construct and operate and as land in which to bury garbage becomes scarcer, it is more and more important to keep recyclables and compostables out of the landfills. In addition, recycling helps save energy and natural resources such as trees, water and ore.

In 1990, Benson's landfill closed and was replaced by the Swift County Recycle/Compost Center. Swift County has a mandatory garbage separation program for all county residents. This program began on May 15, 1990.

Swift County contracts with a private contractor to collect items in the recyclable containers of Benson residents. This contractor picks up the recyclable items on the same day that Mattheisen Disposal picks up residential garbage in Benson. The recyclable containers are to be placed on the front boulevard and not in the alley.

County residents, this includes Benson residents, are to separate their garbage into three catagories - Recyclables, Compostables and Non-processibles. These catagories should be separated into the following containers:

RECYCLABLES are to be placed in the blue or green container provided by the County for single households. All other persons, businesses or if the County is out of containers shall place recyclables in a box or adequate container clearly marked RECYCLABLES.

COMPOSTABLES are to be placed loose in an adequate container such as a box or can. If a plastic bag is used for compostables before being placed in a container the bag should be CLEAR and remain open and untied to allow the contents to be easily removed for composting.

NON-PROCESSIBLES - Are to be placed in CLEAR BAGS. The bags are to be securely tied or closed to prevent the contents from mixing with compostables upon collection.


Swift County Environmental Services
1000 Industry Drive
Benson, MN 56215


Information on recycling and garbage separation can be found on the Swift County website by clicking here.